The Work We Do

Are you searching for a platform that will help you be competitive and get employed? The Job Aid Charity can help.
Free Training for Interested Professionals
The Job Aid Charity offers training to the unemployed in the UK, giving them an edge over the competition. This training opportunity is free and remote to make sure everyone is safe and healthy during this pandemic. World-class, experienced job hunting specialists perform free remote training. So, potential applicants will surely acquire in-depth insights into the employment process. Landing a job doesn't have to be so challenging.
Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and CV Review
During the remote training, job hunting specialists will discuss all important information, from cover letters, LinkedIn profiles to curriculum vitae content and presentation.. We will optimise your profile on the social media platform. We will improve your CV and cover letter in a way that’s aligned to the employer’s requirements and other criteria.
Online Job Application Forms
Before, we needed to go to the business establishment of an employer. Things have changed today. Everything is done online. While professionals and skilled workers are tech-savvy, navigating job application forms take a lot of effort and time. The volunteers at the Job Aid Charity are trained to guide applicants to fill out different forms over the internet for free. We can also streamline processes, ensuring a comfortable and risk-free experience.
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