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Losing a job in this unprecedented time is an overwhelming experience. It would be more traumatic and terrible when your previous employer does not offer any assistance you deserve.
This is where The Job Aid Charity can make a big difference. We are a charitable incorporated organisation established to support the unemployed to find any possible employment opportunities throughout the UK.
We know how hard it is to lose a job during this Covid-19. So, we strive to extend our hands to people who are currently looking for a job.
What we do is that we offer FREE remote training to the unemployed, helping them to improve their chances of securing sustainable employment.
Our remote training is conducted by a group of job hunting specialists who have been in the industry for years.
Helping the unemployed from different corners of the country, the Job Aid Charity has been a part of many success stories. We’re also committed to double the number, and you might be one of them.

Testimonials from those we've helped.

Step One

The admin team conduct research and connect online with the unemployed job hunters via social media.

Step Two

Our staff who have relevant background skills and knowledge provide remote one-to-one tuition.

Step Three

The skills gained from the training will enable the job hunter to submit more professional and attention-grabbing applications.

Step Four

We provide ongoing training and support in all stages of the job hunting process.

Our Objectives

Getting unemployed during this pandemic can be the worst experience people might encounter. The Job Aid Charity aims to alleviate the growing number of unemployed in the UK. We strive to provide free training for candidates, find the best job, and be able to meet their financial needs.

Spread The Word

Help us reach out to more of the unemployed that need assistance in their job hunting. Our aim is to maximise the number of unemployed people that we help into work.

How your Donation can help

All funding is used for building awareness and developing our training systems.

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